A Fearful Adventurer : A Memorable Journey To Brighton,U.K.|By Dr.Rashmi|

It was a bright and sunny morning at Luton. This was probably the the first time that i could describe this place as a warm and a sunny day!.Well it usually isn’t!

It was a long weekend and i was completely out of ideas of “Things to do” on that particular day and then it struck me,Why would i waste my weekend doing nothing?

I finally thought of giving it a shot,so i texted a couple of friends and that’s when the plan came into being.We made a Whats app group and started discussing about certain hot-spots!

We had to come up with a kick-ass name for the group,so we called ourselves as “The Weekend Planners”,pretty dope ain’t it?.And hence the journey took off!

The Journey:

At about 9:30 a.m.,a bunch of 4 intrigued and arguably my best friends started to embark on a journey that would probably be the most memorable part of our lives.

We reached the Luton Interchange Train Station at about 10 a.m..The first sight of a chaotic and crowded station made us realize that it ain’t gonna be easy.

My friends and i finally decided to buy a group pass which was about 13.5 pounds,i guess that was a decent price for the four of us!.

We finally hopped on to the train and the journey was astonishing with beautiful views of lush greenfield’s covering the peaks and hills.

On the way we learned that due to certain technical difficulties our train would stop mid-way and we had to take a bus for the rest of the journey.

It almost took us about an 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach our destination.When i got down, i could feel the warm,yet a cool breeze blowing on our faces,which reminds you of how beautiful the place really is.

I could literally feel rats running in my stomach and thankfully we had packed few snacks and other confectioneries along the way.

The first place we visited was the Brighton beach.Its almost a 20 minute walk to the iconic and a well maintained beach.

The beach was pretty pristine with its warm ,yet elegant breeze and the peaceful sound made by the flow of water made us realize the simplicity of the place.

A lot of visitors and foreigners had gathered at the beach with people enjoying there activities by flying kites,swimming and more.

We sat on the beach for a couple of hours and then visited the Brighton pier and started posing in different angles to get the perfect picture for our story.

After taking about a million pictures,we decided to check out few souvenir’s from this beautiful city as a memory that would always make us remember the place.

On the way we bought few cheesy fries and donuts on the pier and started gossiping about how life had been in a medical school and so on.

On the pier there were different rides to play around with!.Initially i was a bit sceptical about trying out the roller coaster ride,but i was literally forced by my friends into it.

The ride turned out to be amazing although my eyes were half shut and i was scared to death.My friends decided to visit the scary house,but i convinced them with all my strength and wits to avoid going there since i was scared to death.

There was a nice restaurant on the way,so we decided to sit for a while and ordered drinks,onion rings,fish and chips and more.We sat there for a couple of hours till the sun was down.

The sun was down, the afterglow of sunset lingering on the horizon was an astonishing view that silently faded away and the wind turned out lighter than before!

At the end of the day,we were extremely tired from the long walks,gossips,food and other activities,but all in all,it was a worthwhile trip that would always stay close to my heart.


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