A Fearful Adventurer: My Next Big Adventure Of Scotland|By Dr.Rashmi|

Before i shifted to the U.K.,i heard about the beautiful country side of Scotland which was considered as a symphony of colossal beauty and a land of mountain wilderness interspersed with valleys and lakes

It all began on an Easter break,where friends and family were rushing home on a vacation that was direly in need after a hectic schedule of long working hours.

My friends and i decided to finally take advantage of it and thus our journey began!

The Journey:

Day 1

It was on a Monday morning that we decided to take a flight to Edinburgh from Luton. The flight charges were quite nominal considering the sky rocketing prices to other places around!

All in all it was almost an hour journey to Edinburgh.The weather was warm and serene,with views of the beautiful hills filled with greenery covering the mountain tops.

When we reached Edinburgh,we finally decided to visit the beautiful beach ,more famously known as the Joppa beach.

The beach was quite pristine with its lightly colored sand and the place was quite crowded with people trying to sun bath,enjoying there exquisite holiday.

We decided to build a sand castle which was quite difficult considering the lack of experience,surprisingly we finally succeeded to do so with shovels,water,pots and more.

We finally took a couple of selfies and were exhausted from an entire days walk,and out of nowhere we come across an Indian restaurant called 10/10.

The place was seemingly authentic with dishes like tandoori roti,tandoori chicken,dal makhani and more.I was quite amazed with the number of Indian restaurants around the place.

The ambiance was quite elegant and exquisite with a certain aromatic smell to make you feel that your inside an authentic Indian restaurant.

In the evening we returned to the hotel,freshened up a little and then decided to do a little bit of sight seeing.We then landed up at a beautiful place called Saint Leonard’s.

It was a place filled with plush greenery that could give a sense of serenity and meaning to our life as the place was quite peaceful with an amazing breeze of air gushing across our faces.

We chilled there for a while and then packed few confectioneries along the way like bread butter jam and more for our next day’s breakfast!

Later that evening at the hotel we ordered some mouth smacking biriyani from an Indian restaurant and we binged watched The Big Bang Theory for a while.

We then decided to give it a rest after an exhausting and amazing day!

Day 2

On the next day, we decided to get up early to go on an adventure to visit Glasgow.The plan was tentatively to get up early in the morning and leave so that we could not miss anything.

It dint actually go accordingly and we finally got up quite late.The journey to Glasgow was nearly 2 and half hours and so we decided to take a slight detour.

We visited the famous castle called as the Edinburgh’s castle which was quite beautiful and its considered to be one the most famous architectural marvels of its time.

It would have taken us an ample amount of time had we entered the castle,so we took selfies from outside and started our journey to Glasgow.

After a tiring 2 and a half hour journey we reached the main city of Glasgow and visited the Cathedral church which was also an old architectural structure that was beautifully decorated.

Something about the place made me feel quite peaceful,maybe it was the lush environment that created a positive vibe which always ushers in such religious places with a divine serenity.

After visiting the church,we were extremely hungry,so we came across an authentic Scottish restaurant called Old Kilpatrick.

The place was buzzing with an enormous crowd filled with tourists and locals who regularly visit this place for its authentic Scottish cuisine.

After a heavy meal we went back to our hotel and went back to sleep!

Day 3

This was perhaps our last day at Glasgow.As we were completely out of shape and were tired after a long two days, we decided to explore the city.

We visited the Ocean Terminal Mall,as they had exhibited the Royal Yacht of Britain which was once used by the Queen.

I was amazed at its beauty,that i finally decided to pay for it and have a look inside this prestigious yacht.None of my friends were interested though!

The ticket was roughly about 15 pounds.They provided us with a headset that guided us across every room we pass.It provided a brief history of the Queens’s life in the yacht.

The beautiful royal bedroom used by the queen,kitchen,silver plates and spoon,dining hall’s were some of the exquisite things to look out for!

After an hour of exploring the yacht,we picked up a few souvenir’s at the mall and had a light snack as we had to rush back to the airport.

We finally boarded the flight back to Luton.It was indeed a smooth and amazing journey that made me learn a lot about different cultures and the bond that they show to bring people together.

A memorable journey that would always stay close to my heart .I thank my friends who accompanied me in this journey that was filled with love and joy.Its something that i could never forget for the rest of my life.

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