Big Bang Theory | Cast,Public voting,Polls and Results

The big bang theory is currently at its final peak with its 12th season running on a high tide! Who would u vote for?

Note-(This is based on public voting based on which characters is being voted and liked the most in the series)

The Big Bang Theory was founded and directed by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre along with Steve Molaro.The season 12 is considered to be the final and the last season which has about 24 episodes.

It is premiered on CBS.Check it out!

Here are the list of the cast of the famous show!Vote and let us no who your favourite character is?

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  • Bill Prady
  • Chuck Lorre


  • Mark Cendrowski

Let the voting begin!!



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2 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory | Cast,Public voting,Polls and Results”

  1. How can I choose ONE when I love them all! Each character adds so much flavor to the show… I am going to miss them, so much! I have loved watching them develop each characters personality. Even some of the not so memorable shows are so true to life. It’s going to be like my friends not visiting me anymore. TV better get better because it’s the only thing I watch.

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