Biomega A Bicycle Based Company Unveils A SIN Electric Car

Biomega,a Danish based bicycle company has unveiled a SIN electric vehicle at the China International Import Expo.The concept car is due to release and come into production by the year 2021.

The company is also backed by a Hong Kong based company named EVE,and reports state that it could be a contemporary vehicle of the future and would be launched in Singapore.


  • Bimega specifically designed this car as a 4 door vehicle with 4 independent engines and has a large legroom to easily accommodate up to 4 passengers.
  • It uses components that are light weight with carbon fiber used in certain places of the car and so it takes away the extra weight and makes the car a little lighter with improved efficiency.
  • Since its an electric vehicle,the battery consumption would be extremely less compared to other vehicles of its type due to the light weight materiel being used that would enhance the capability of the car for easy manoeuvrability of the vehicle.
  • It has glass covering all 4 sides of the car,giving it an excellent and better view of the outside.
  • The materials for production and manufacturing of this product is carried from partners around the globe especially from the UK,Hong Kong and Singapore to provide light weight solutions and for cost effectiveness.


  • Biomega’s electric vehicle is said to launch the production version of the vehicle by 2021.
  • The cost of the vehicle is said to be around 15 to 20,000 euros.

About the company:

Biomega are known for engaging international designers and atheletes from around the world for custom made bicycles that are in production.

The company was first established in the year 1988 by two university students namely Elias Grove Neilson and Jens Martin Skibsted.They are even into eco-friendly vehicles made from bamboo sticks.

Copenhagen is considered as a bicycle city as a large population use bicycles as their means of transport. Biomega has opened a flagship store in the city of Copenhagen to dire to the everyday needs of the company.

Biomega’s main philosophy is to provide new advancements for future technology by creating and innovating niche quality products with elegant designs to cater to the needs of the people and provide a life time of experience.



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