Bugatti Divo- A $5.8 million Hypercar from Bugatti!

Bugatti unveiled it’s most priced possession,named the “Divo”,this hypercar was sold out way before it was launched!

The cars aerodynamic package was tweaked to increase the down force by 198 pounds and the overall weight of the car was reduced to about 77 pounds.

The max limited speed of the Divo was set at 236 miles per hour,compared to Chiron’s 261 mph.

The car although boasts of about 1,500 horse power,which is similar to the Chiron,it was about 8 seconds quicker than the Chiron!.Now that’s something you would love to see!.

Sold at a priced tag of about $5.8 million,this hyper car has set a benchmark in Bugatti’s history and the company would soon follow the same feat given the challenge!.


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