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Dubai,a bustling city located in United Arab Emirates,Middle-east,is known for its beautiful architecture,modern buildings,islands,gold and cars.Also known as “The city of Gold”,this city has been built from a sleepy gulf port to a stunning modern city in a period of one generation.Known for its skyscrapers and man-made islands,this city has all the luxury that an individual needs.From an oil producing city,it underwent an enormous transformation that changed people’s view to a city that provides leisure,comfort,luxury,and everything that the person needs to look out for!.With amazing projects coming up,this city has gained a title as one of the fastest growing cities of the world.A must visit to all tourists.

Places to look out for:


A)The Palm Jumeirah:

The first island to be constructed in Dubai.The city was shaped like a palm tree.Started in the year 2001,this large artificial island was built using land reclamation technique by Nakheel developers and was completed in 2009.It boasts of lavish hotels,apartments,water park and mansions that have a beautiful sea view.Celebrities like Angelina Jollie,Shah Rukh Khan are some of the notable names that have bought property there!.It has a 5.4 km monorail that connects the city between the Atlantis hotel and The Gateway towers.

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B)The World Islands:

This huge city,shaped in the form of the world map shocked the world as no one had thought in their wildest dreams that such a project can take off.Started in 2003 by Sheikh Mohammed,this city is home to 300 islands made from land reclamation.Situated about 5 miles away from the coastline of Dubai,the only means of transport was waterways.The islands were built to boast high,modern,and ultra luxury villas,resorts and amusement parks.Only 3 of these islands have started construction and the entire project is sold.Reports have also  shown that the land was getting eroded,but the developer denies the report.As of 2017,There are 2 ongoing projects and 1 completed project. which is a show house project.Jk properties are constructing a project named “The Heart of Europe” that constitutes 6 different islands into a resort.Nakheel has started construction of 20 islands.Rest are about to start!.

C)Palm Jebel Ali:

This island is similar to the Palm Jumeirah,but is almost twice the size of the island.This city is still under construction and has a deadline of 2021.The project was halted due to the 2008 financial crises.Once completed, the island will house about 300,000 people,huge water parks,skyscrapers and mansions.Four water parks have been planned.It only has one constructed building as of 2017.Work is either halted or going in a slow pace.

D)Blue Waters Island:

Bluewaters Island is located off the coastline of Jumeirah Beach Residence.This Island is under construction and is being developed by the Meraas Holdings.It boasts of luxurious hotels,apartment,entertainment facilities and others.The main attraction of the Island is the Ferris Wheel that is 210 meters high and has been crowned as the World’s tallest Ferris Wheel beating the London Eye.The Ferris Wheel has about 45 to 50 capsules that can accommodate about 1,500 passengers.The capsules are being built by Hyundai.

2)Shopping Destinations:

A)Dubai Mall:

Considered as the largest mall in the world with an area of about 5.4 million sqft,this mall boasts of about 1,200 shops,a huge aquarium,probably one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world and luxury brands like Lous Vuitton,Gucci,Givenchy,Rolex,Rado and Chanel.This mall is situated in the business bay district of Dubai,opposite the Burj Khalifa.It had about 39 million visitors in the year 2009 to about 95 million in 2015 n more than 100 million as of 2017.The mall has 250 room hotel,150 cafes and other outlets.It has a parking capacity for more than 10000 cars.

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B)Wafi Mall:

This mall is situated in Oud Medha Road,Dubai.This mall is known for its ancient and divine Egyptian architecture.Built in the year 2001,it boasts about 340 shops consisting of restaurants,clothing,spices and leisure activities.It has a pyramid shaped facade with Egyptian texture and themes throughout the mall.A must visit.

C)The Mall of the Emirates:

This Mall is situated in Sheikh Zayed Road and this mall opened in the year 2005.It boasts about 450 to 500 stores with a wide range of restaurants,leisure activities mainly the Ski Resort,Spa’s,Cinema and more.The malls ski resort is the main attraction with a lot of tourists,locals,kids visiting the place.

D)Ibn Battuta Mall:

Located in Sheikh Zayed Road,this mall boasts of about 300 stores.Famous for its themed architecture,it was crowned as the largest theme mall.It is divided into various sections based on the countries Ibn Battuta had visited.It has a lot of restaurants,clothing stores and leisure activities.

E)Gold Souk,Spices Souk,Perfume Soup :

Dubai is known for its gold,spices and perfumes.Gold souk is located in Deira and has stores that sell jewellery n other items related to gold.Spices are very famous in Dubai.Spices like saffron,pepper,cloves,turmeric,  cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander and sumac are sold here.Perfumes like the “Oud” is very famous is this souk and it boasts of a wide variety of it.A must visit to all tourists.!

3)Amusement Parks and other activities:

There are various amusement parks in Dubai.The most happening and famous among them are:

A)Motion gate Dubai:

It is one of the largest Hollywood inspired theme park in the world.Situated in Dubai resorts and Parks,it showcases attractions based on Lionsgate,DreamWorks, Columbia pictures and The Smurfs. Motiongate is known for its amazing rides,games like roller coasters,horror house,rides for kids,and much more.The visitors would not turn away by this amusement park.

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B)Legoland Dubai:

Lego’s have become famous across the world and is used by a lot of companies as a show piece to make luxurious cars,buildings,trees and more.But now we are talking about a theme park that is made entirely out of lego’s.This park boasts of about 40 to 50 rides,attractions that have been created and maintained by the management with indoor and outdoor games.It is estimated that about 62 million lego’s have been used!!.

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C)Aquaventure Waterpark:

This park needs no introduction.Nestled amidst the Atlantis hotel,this park boasts of amazing rides that would create an unforgettable experience for the people.It has won the “World travel awards” for the best waterpark of Dubai in 2016.You get to interact with the aquatic animals and feed them.It has all kinds of water rides,river rides,pools and other leisure activities for the family and kids.

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D)Ski Dubai:

Ever thought about ice skating and skiing in a city thats surrounded by desert ?..Well Dubai has it all!.Its a modern technology miracle that allows visitors to enjoy this popular winter sport year round…in the middle of the desert!

Ski Dubai is designed the resort to mimic the setting of a mountain in winter, so you’ll get the exact same excitement when skiing, snowboarding, and tubing in this park as you would in the mountains of Colorado.The resort has an area of 22,500 sqft of indoor ski area.

E)iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience:

Ever imagined you can stay afloat in air??.Well here’s an experience that you would not want to miss when your in Dubai.Located in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates,Ifly Dubai gives u an experience that is similar to skydiving and bungee jumping.The instructor takes you 4 metres above and suspends u in the air.Do check out the place.

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Other notable places for activities include:

  • 1)Hub Zero Indoor Gaming & Entertainment Zone

  • 2)Virtual Worlds – Virtual Reality Gaming Café

  • 3)Thrill Zone – Laser Tag

  • 4)BOUNCE Dubai Trampoline Park

  • 5)KidZania

F)Burj khalifa:

This amazing architectural marvel is well known as the Worlds tallest building with a staggering height of 828 meters and 211 floors.It has a observation deck on the 148th floor that is about 555 meters high!It boasts of an Armani hotel and luxury apartments which were sold out during the launch.Its the tallest building since 2008.A must visit for all tourists.

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G)The Dubai Creek Tower:

Dubai’s new ambitious project called “The Dubai Creek Tower”.This architectural marvel is going to create a legacy in Dubai that would remain for the generations to come.The project is under construction and would be completed in 2020.It comprises of about 8 to 10 observation decks that offers 360 degree view of the entire city,and its tip would emit a light at night!Being constructed at a cost of 1 billion dollars,it is said to be a notch taller than the Burj Khalifa at 928 meters,but the exact height is debatable since it has another contender which is being built in Saudi Arabia called The Kingdom Tower which is expected to be a km tall(1000 meters).

4)Sightings and Transport:

Dubai is known for its amazing and luxury cars.Beginning with Lamborghini’s,Ferrari’s,Bentley,Mercedes Benz,BMW,Audi,Bugatti,Agera and more.People love spending money on cars in this bustling city.You will find some of these cars on a normal working day anywhere in Dubai.Events are being held by different companies to promote their cars and to launch new vehicles.Dubai also has the largest Lamborghini showroom in the world.Police too have a luxury when it comes to cars.Cars owned by “Dubai police” start from exotic fast cars to the most luxurious ones you can ever get.

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Upcoming events:

  • 1)Dubai Shopping Festival. January – February.

  • 2)Dubai Marathon.

  • 3)Dubai Desert Classic.

  • 4)Dubai International Jazz Festival.

  • 5)Dubai Tennis Championships.

  • 6)UAE (Abu Dhabi) Desert Challenge.

  • 7)Art Dubai.

  • 8)Dubai World Cup

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