Flying automobiles planned for the future!

Flying automobiles were once considered to be a distant dream in the 20th and 21st century.Companies across the globe are working round the clock to turn that impeccable dream into a reality!.Flying cars do exist and innovators have showcased there products at world renowned shows,so as to promote there product and cut down on the travel time to reach a particular destination!

Few countries have even decided to go ahead with the plan to start production of these concept cars and to provide an experience and a sense of ease to the general public,so as to provide a better way of transport!

Here are some of the famous inventions that will take your breath away and hopefully find its products in your shores.

1)PAL-V Liberty

Its considered to be the worlds first”Commercial Flying Car” that has ever been built.The car has been aesthetically designed and engineered by famous Italian companies that are known for their products all over the world!.This production version car produces a massive 200 hp with a fuel economy of about 26 l/h,with a maximum speed limited to about 160-180 km/h on a flight mode and can fly at a maximum height of about 3000-3500 m.

This impeccable car weighs at about 650 kgs and can carry a baggage of about 20 kgs.The seat capacity is also limited to about 2 people and the interiors are designed in a very beautiful,yet elegant way.The plush interiors with leather seats and a cockpit like appearance gives the car a very niche look that would create a comfortable and safe environment among the customers.

The cars are in production and customers are required to get a licence permit for flying and driving!The price of this vehicle is on-request and it comes in two variants i.e. The executive edition and The sports edition.The cars have been produced to a limited number of about 90!.

2)Ehang 184

This beautiful looking flying machine is set to hit Dubai shores very soon!.it has been designed by the RTA and a C Chinese firm called Ehang.!The vehicle is an autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) that has been going through a lot of test runs for the past few years.The vehicle is said to be about 250 kg and can accommodate one person.

The speed of this flying machine is limited to about 160 km/hr with a height of about 3000 m.The firm has also made sure that the safety and security is up to mark,as a result it is fitted with about 8 propellers for smooth moment.

The interiors of this beast is said to be very unique compared to any other vehicle as it packs beautiful and elegant seats with a touch screen in between for the customer to choose the destination of landing.The vehicle takes about 30 minutes to travel and is set to hit the shores very soon!.

3)Rolls Royce’s Autonomous Vehicle

This luxury automobile company has made big plans for its newly designed concept called as the Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (EVTOL) that will soon get into production by the year 2020.Companies such as Uber have also planned to start these flying taxi’s in Dubai and Dallas by the year 2020.

According to the Rolls Royce,the company claims it can carry about 5 passengers at a time at speeds of 250 miles per hour and can cover a distance of about 500 miles!

This would certainly lead to a massive change in the transportation trend leading to a more efficient,yet faster way of reaching a destination,provided the costs aren’t too high.The concept model took its debut at the Farnborough International Airshow in Britain.

4)Volvo TF-X model

This autonomous aerial vehicle is currently in development and plans to hit the skies by the year 2019.The developers of this prestigious flying vehicle are Terrafugia,which is basically a start-up company that plans to revolutionalize the world with its production model.

Volvo’s parent company Geely plans to acquire this start-up and start production by 2019 or 2020.The concept vehicle is said to have dual electric motors and can travel up to speeds of 200 mph.On a single charge,it can cover distances to up to 400 miles.

The design cues are unique in its own way with a two door configuration and the front lights are similar to few of its Volvo cars.


BlackFly is owned by a Canadian based company called Opener.Inc.The company calls it a Personal Aerial Vehicle(PAV) as it does not require a specific licence to fly.This concept design took about 9 years and about 2000 flight tests,and is extremely safe because it boasts of triple modules and an optional ballistic parachute.

This massive concept is a single seater vehicle which can travel up to 40 miles and has a speed limit of about 65 mph.It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to have a full charge!.In the near future the company plans to use renewable energy as fuel for better means of travel.

The vehicle was first showcased at the EAA Air venture convention.It also has automated return to home button in cases of emergencies!The company hopes to change the entire transportation trend in urban and rural areas by improving its production model and to provide its customers with the best products and at a reasonable price.


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