Ford Unveils an Electric Self-Driving Zero Emission Truck

Ford,A billion dollar automobile company are known for the production of world renowned cars that have revolutionized the entire industry.

The company sells one of the best legendary muscle car that still exists and has gone through a lot of updates since its first debut,named as “The Mustang”.

F-type Vision Concept:

Ford,yet again surprised the world with its new Electric self driving zero emission truck that would provide better efficiency and productivity in all aspects.

The truck is based on its F- type vision concept,which was unveiled at the Turkish design center in Germany.Its a commercial vehicle that combines clean energy with zero carbon dioxide emissions and autonomous driving.

The truck is still at its conceptual stage and is not set to be launched anytime soon.It is based on autonomous driving which does not involve human intervention.It is also said to be compliant with the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council.


Ford has promising news for the future as it plans to spend close to $4 billion on Autonomous vehicles,which is a big step considering climate change and the need for eco-friendly mode of transport.

Not much has been unveiled about the specifications of the truck,but it is said to be inspired by comic books.

The F-vision truck is equipped with massive wheels and a lower section featuring massive air intakes which are surrounded by LED lights,video camera side mirror ,a flush mounted door.

The truck is also said to host a number of safety features similar to Tesla’s Convoy Mode that allows them to get together with other F-vision vehicles to provide efficient security.

The F-vision based truck if launched,will change the concept of transport and provide a better,sustainable growth for all the people in the near future!

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