Kanva Reservoir| A Visit To An Amazing Tourist Attraction|By Dr.Aditi|


I would like to start my blog by giving a brief description about this spectacular place and what makes it so special, and why people need to visit such hot spots for a great weekend get-away with friends and family.

Kanva reservoir is said to be an artificial lake that has formed by the damming of the Kanva river in an irrigation project.

Situated about 70 km away from the bustling city of Bangalore,India.The reservoir has grown into a famous tourist attraction surrounded by beautiful views of the hills.

My Journey and how it all began:

  • It all began when i was so bored and lazying around with friends that we randomly decided to get out of the house.
  • We made a WhatsApp group and named it as”Kahi chalte hain”(Lets go somewhere) and it clicked!All of them finally agreed to take the trip.
  • After an hour of chit-chat we finally decided to visit this spectacular place called Kanva reservoir and this is how it all started.
  • We were about 15 of us for the entire trip.
  • By 2 pm in the afternoon we immediately took our bikes and rushed to this beautiful place and reached at about 5 pm.
  • When we reached the reservoir,we could see a huge lake surrounded by beautiful and elegant views of the hills and the lake’s calming rhythm,yet flavorful breeze that made it more bearable.
  • The view turned out to be even more amazing when the sun was down and the afterglow of sunset was lingering on the horizon.Its something that i could never forget.

  • The entire place was managed by a single person and he arranged everything for us starting from the bonfire,night camps,washrooms,activities and many more.
  • The evening started with a huge bang of music and dance with songs ranging from Coldplay’s explicit ones to Bruno Mars and more.

  • We decided to take it slow since we had the entire evening to ourselves and dint wanna get tired and fatigued.
  • The staff set up tents for all of us and then we decided to change and get comfortable.The bonfire was lit and ready as well!.

  • This is when our night became cheerful with a huge bang of loud music and drinks.Dancing is something that i cannot resist and all of us were in the mood to dance till our guts came out!.
  • I was completely high since i was down with 2 pegs of whiskey,8 vodka shots,and a couple of cigarettes.
  • My friends Shibin and Vishaka held me up although i felt completely dead and made me dance even more and eventually i found myself lying in the tent.
  • I eventually started puking all over the place.Hell! i even made the tent dirty.
  • Honestly i was so exhausted that i literally had the most peaceful sleep of my life, probably for a couple of hours!
  • Got up at 12 am and had some amazing kebabs and mutton curry’s that the place offered.
  • Then all of us decided to rest for the day and we laid down and gazed at the stars that began to twinkle as the clouds moved out with .
  • Finally when we thought of ending the night peacefully,we randomly started dancing again and it went on till 4 am.
  • A friend of ours was so high that he decided to jump on the bonfire as well.A couple of guys tried to pull him away from it and then he passed out.Since he was extremely heavy,we eventually got the tent to the place where he passed out.
  • At about 4 am everyone was exhausted and the weather had turned sultry, but there was a cool breeze out by the tents and we finally decided to sleep.
  • At 6 am,after about 2 hours of sleep our trekking journey had begun and it went on till 9 am.I could literally feel the rats running around in my stomach because of the intense hunger.
  • After 3 hours of trekking,we sanitized ourselves and had breakfast.


  • Our day dint end there!After an hour or two,we decided to take up few activities like zip-lining,certain rope related activities and we immersed ourselves in the hypnotic tranquility on a boat ride across the lake.
  • It was 12 in the noon and i was hungry again.We decided to have delicious food that was cooked by the staff like chicken chili,fried rice,coconut water and more!.
  • Since we were still dizzy from the last nights hangover,our tents were burning hot,so we decided to lye down under the tree for a couple of ours.
  • By 4 pm we decided to move back to the bustling city of Bangalore.

The experiences that i had in that peaceful place with friends was memorable,yet elegant.Its something that i could never forget and i would recommend people to take few days off with your loved ones and to explore new places that could give you a lifetime of new memories that could probably change your entire life.

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