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Ooty is also known as “Udhagamandalam”, is a hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India!.It has a weather and an environment that will create a cold atmosphere around u!.Set amidst the beautiful nilgiri mountains with vast population of animals and a diverse environment.It is a city like no other.A must visit for people planning for a trip to that location!.Temperatures in the city vary from 12 to 15 degree celcius.Ooty is famous for its home made chocolates and tea.Do visit the two main factories in ooty that produce home made chocolates,tea,oils and other essentials.I would like to share my experience of my visit to that beautiful city and would advise my fellow travellers to look out for these breathtaking places!.




Situated at about 9km away from the bustling city of ooty.This is the highest peak located in nilgiri hills at about 2640 ft.There is an observatory located at the top of Doddabetta with two telescopes available for the public to explore the beautiful place.It is surrounded by forests with views of exotic animals.A must visit for first timers.!


Situated in Ooty,this place is famous for its beautifully laid out gardens,plants and flowers.Different categories of plants from all over the world have been planted and well maintained in this beautiful place.Exotic flowers and plants have been planted in order,according to different countries!.Plucking of flowers is highly prohibited in the area.It is being maintained by the Horticulture department,government of tamil nadu.It was founded by William Graham Mclvor.A must visit for all tourists!

For more details visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Botanical_Gardens,_Ooty.


This is one of the most famous attractions of the city.There are two main factories located in ooty that produce quality tea of different flavors.The tea making process is explained in detail by the staff and they take you along the factory and provide fresh tea that tastes delicious.The entry fee is about 40rs.Chocolate is another product thta loved by all.They provide fresh chocolate sample along the chocolate museum and explain the process of making it.The home made chocolates are famous in ooty.Other confectionaries like eucalyptus oil,rose oil,almond oil are made there!.


It is a railway line created by the British in 1908 and it is run by the Southern railways.Its has been considered as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE by UNESCO.Beautiful views of the hills are seen and this is one tourist destination not to be missed.One has to book tickets via the railway station or online.I would recommend this place to all tourists!.

For more details on booking please visit: http://www.irctctourism.com/TourPackages/RailTour/Mettupalayam-Ooty-Toy-Train-India.html?bannercode=NMRTT#.



Situated along the Ooty Pykara road,this place is famous for its beautiful and breathtaking views. A lot of indian films have been shot in this area. A must visit for travellers.The ticket costs about Rs 5.Horse riding is the main activity in that area. A lot of street food is found outside the shooting point.

For more details visit:https://www.tripadvisor.in/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g297679-d2691724-i55745746-Shooting_Point-Ooty_Udhagamandalam_The_Nilgiris_District_Tamil_Nadu.html.




One of the most famous lakes around Ooty.Its surrounded by the nilgiri forest with rare views of exotic animals and birds.This place is famous for its views and boating.A must visit for all tourists.\


For more details visit:https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g297679-d2422622-i231333646-Pykara_Lake-Ooty_Udhagamandalam_The_Nilgiris_District_Tamil_Nadu.html

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