Pod Planes-A Futuristic Mode Of Transport That Could Be An Efficient And Faster Way Of Travel

POD or also known as Personal Rapid Transport is a mode of futuristic travel used by the public for easy and efficient way of reaching ones destination.

POD cars have been launched in a number of cities for an eco-friendly means of travel like Morgantown,West Virginia,Masdar city UAE,London Heathrow Airport and Suncheon,South Korea.

A new concept of POD has been designed that would change the modes of transport,called” The POD Planes.Still at its conceptual stage,the POD planes have been designed to carry cargo and to make its transport hassle free.

What is a POD plane?

A POD plane is an indigenous aircraft designed to carry the payload or cargo which can be detached from the rest of the aircraft for reduced loading and unloading time.

A POD plane has a flying and a detachable component,thereby the flying components main objective is to separate itself from the detachable component.

A lot of innovative studies and research initiatives have been carried out by the scientists to provide a modular aircraft for easier and efficient way of transport of people and cargo.

Concept unveiled:

The concept of POD plane by “Clip-air” proves that air transport can be revolutionized by providing Eco-friendly transport with less fuel consumption and decreased release of carbon dioxide.

The detachable component of the Clip-air can carry passengers,fuel or freight.

The concept is as simple as taking a bus,but instead people would sit in the detachable component and the POD plane could reach the destination and attach the Load to the flying component and help in transport to another destination.

This massive transport project was first initiated by Switzerland’s Polytechnic Institute to make the process easier for people to travel with less time consumed.

All though this futuristic project would take another decade or more,it would be a feasible mode of transport if launched across the globe and making life easier.

Airports have longer waiting time,and the time to travel from one place to another would take immense time to reach and the fuel consumed would be enormous as well.

By the use of POD planes,the hassle of waiting for hours would be reduced and a faster way of reaching ones destination would be efficient since the POD planes do not require a landing gear,cockpit or fuel.

Clip-airs’s concept plane has a capsule that is 30 meters long and almost 30-35 tons heavy and can carry up to 3 capsules.It has a pair of long metal legs that protrude from each side and it also has a landing wheel mechanism which keeps the air frame above the ground.

The capsules thus are present free hanging below the POD plane and can carry either passengers or cargo along with it.

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