PUBG tips that will help you to survive the worst situations and earn you a chicken dinner!

PUBG is a well known shooter and multiplayer game that took the world by storm, and made it to the top of the list of the most downloaded and played games!.

I would love to give you few tips on how to fill in certain nooks and to help u get to perfection with ease!

Here are some of the most important tips to remember!:

1.Buy a smartphone with minimum specifications of at least 2 GB of RAM running of Android 5.1 and more! and on iOS 9 for iPhone users!

2.Make sure to adjust your graphics quality and frame work for the best gaming experience!This allows for a better response rate and a faster way to kill your enemies with perfect shots!

3.Make sure that when the number of players have reduced to about less than 10 or 15,u find the right hiding spot.let others kill each other till the count reduces to 2 or 1 and find the perfect opportunity to take your shot        

4.Never stay at a single spot, snipers would never miss an opportunity to kill someone whose present at one spot!Make sure to confuse and surprise them by taking different turns!

5.When you opt for guns,choose two different guns to provide better and improved precision shots when needed!For example:Shotguns are best used in hiding and short distances,and snipers are best used for far off distances!

6.Always remember that when the loot has been taken from a place or if the doors are open,you must assume that someone is either near you or is trying to figure out a way to kill you.So be aware of the situation by either trying to find your opponent or leave the place immediately!

7.When you drop from the sky in the beginning of the game,make sure you see your surroundings for enemies,since you have a higher chance of getting killed,depending on who gets the guns first!

8.Make sure to carry loot that’s required!When you do not have the gun and but you have ammo,then it makes no sense to pick a bulk of them.Carrying extra loot will only complicate things and waste of your time.

9.When you encounter multiple enemies,make sure you leave the one whose already down and concentrate on the ones that on there feet,since these people tend to revive people who are down,and that’s when you take the shot and kill both of them!

10.Supply crates are the perfect places to find your enemies!Stay at a distance when the crate falls and wait for few seconds.You would definitely find some at the spot!Make sure to take that opportunity and take the shot!

11.When you find a car,let it be any for that matter,make sure you use it when the danger zone closes in,this helps to widen the gap and provides you the perfect escape route!

12.Red zones are a good way to find enemies.Make sure you find a perfect hiding spot and wait for your enemies,since they run away from the zone and that is when you find the right time to kill them!.

13.Painkillers and energy drinks should be carried at all costs!!It helps you to revive about 70-80% of your health.

14.Make sure you shoot at the right moment,probably in a single shot to slow down and reduce the enemies health!Aiming for the head is the perfect way to kill them sooner,as it takes away more than 70% of their health.

15.Use aim assist for better precision shots and make sure to use your headphones and earphones for better sound effects!.


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