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SFurkhan is a passionate insta food blogger based out of Hyderabad. Furkhan is an IT professional having roots in Bangalore, where he spent majority of his life before his passion for working for an e-commerce major landed him at Hyderabad.

His passion and love for food began once he shifted to Hyderabad.
This metro city is known for its delicacies and the Nawabi cuisine that has been inherited by the descendants of the royal Nizami cooks. Hyderabadi biryani , Haleem , Qubani ka meetha are some of the more famous dishes from this region.
Sfurkhan has worked tirelessly in search of such delicacies in order to share the best food experiences one can experience at Hyderabad.
With over 1600 followers on Instagram within a span of few months,he is seeing success in the social media circle at Hyderabad.He’s also a respected food blogger on Zomato,who writes reviews on the pro’s and con’s of a particular restaurant.
He has covered close to 100 restaurants in Hyderabad and is currently using Instagram as his social media platform to share his content.
Follow him on Instagram to discover some of the hidden jewels which offer the best Nizami cuisine which are bound to leave you wanting for more.


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Here are some of the pictures of places that he has been!:

  • Restaurant -Jewel of Nizam-the minar
  • Dish-Haleem

  • Restaurant-Jewel of Nizam
  • Dish-Prawn Tikka

  • Dish-Chicken 65 biriyani

  • Restaurant-Yum Yum Tree Arabian Food Court in Gachibowli
  • Dish-Lebanese Grill Chicken

  • Restaurant-Frio Bistro
  • Dish-Mutton Doner Kebab wrapped in Pita Bread

  • Restaurant-Karachi Bakery at Shaikpate
  • Dish-Chicken Tikka Pizza

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