Tahiti-A famous getaway destination!

Tahiti island is located in the central southern pacific ocean.It is said to be the largest island in the French Polynesia,with a population of about 200,000 inhabitants.

The island is known for its beautiful landscaped beaches and a mixture of high volcanic islands with about 118 islands!

Here are some of the famous tourist spots that you ought to visit!


Tahiti is known for its beautiful and unique islands with beaches that would make u realize the true nature of this place.

With a variety of fauna and flora,the beaches are a silent getaway spot for tourists that wish to stay away from the chaotic lives of the bustling,yet chaotic cities!


It is located towards the west of the Le Meridian Resort,with around 2 km of long white,clean sand with a range of different activities like jet ski,snorkeling,parasailing and a perfect place for swimming as well!

Beach side restaurants,public showers are present as well to provide an all around experience to the tourists!


Located in the southwest coast of Tahiti,this island is known as a Surfers paradise.

Its considered quite dangerous as well,because of the high intensity of the waves that gobble up almost everything in its path and the sharks are quite often found lurking beneath!.

The water appears crystal clear with an aroma of scent,that appears from different fauna and flora around it!

It also hosts a number of competitions as well,like the “Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition” which takes place annually.

Outdoor activities:

There are more than 500 activities for u to choose for!You can either hire a 4×4 off-roader to drive through the remorse hill side or walk long distances to discover beautiful and spectacular views of the islands.

Here are some of the activities that you get to enjoy!

  • Skydiving
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Paragliding
  • Surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Canoeing and sailing
  • Kite surfing
  • Flying lessons
  • Zipling
  • Quad bike
  • Horse riding

Restaurants and Fine Dining:

Trying out the local food should be one of the highlights of Tahiti!Here are some of the dishes that you should not miss!

  • Poisson Cru- A raw fish marinated in lime juice and soaked in coconut milk.


  • Chevrettes-A tasty freshwater shrimp

  • Tahiti drink
  • Fafaru-Fish marinated in fermented sea water

  • Hinano Lager-Beer found in Tahiti

  • Poe-Dessert served with coconut milk sauce

  • Hima’s-A style of cooking in underground oven


  • LeMeridien hotel-This lavish 5-star hotel boasts of about 142 rooms,7 suites,and 3 meeting rooms
  • Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa-An amazing 4-star hotel with spectacular views of the ocean and the gardens
  • Manava Suite and Resort-A 4-star resort with over 120 rooms and suites with multi-bedroom duplex apartments
  • Tahiti pearl beach resort-A 3.5 star resort with lush surroundings and beautiful waterfront views has over 91 guestrooms
  • Villa Mitirappa-A villa and hotel development.A mixture of wood and stone with a serene environment.
  • Tahiti Lodge Oceane-A budget hotel



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