The First Female That Visited Every Country On Earth!

Travelling the world is a dream for every person who loves to experience various diversities,be it cultural or social festivities that help them to learn and inspire oneself and others.

Cassie De Pecol was awarded the prestigious title of the world’s fastest person to have visited every country on the globe!.

Her determination and efficient planning of travel helped her to achieve this feat.It took her almost a year and a half of planning and funding to eventually realize her dream.

The 27 year old Cassie De Pecol was born in Connecticut and she embarked her journey to visit and document the 196 sovereign countries that landed her with 2 Guinness world titles.

While on her journey she had to face a lot of obstacles like lack of funding.She was interviewed by Facebook about it and she described how she had to work babysitting jobs,and find sponsors and funds to fund the rest of her trip

She has spend well over $200,000 for funding her entire trip that lasted 18 months.By 2015,she had visited up to 181 countries and was left with 15 countries to go.

On social media platforms,she describes the the different cultures and religious practices that she had experienced and had learnt the way people live there lives,be it the rich with there luxurious and massive houses,the poor with there slums and lack of food security.

She is also an Ambassador for Peace and has named her expedition as “Expedition 196”.She uses Instagram as her social media platform for advertising in return for a free accommodation.

This is a task not meant for the weak souls.It takes a lot of courage and determination to take a step towards visiting places irrespective of the dangers one has to go through.

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