The World Famous”Pink Legacy” Diamond Was Sold For $50 Million At An Auction!

The world famous “Pink Legacy” diamond was sold for a massive $50 million at an auction in Switzerland

It is also considered to be one of the most expensive pink diamond ever sold over carat.

The 19 carat diamond is a rare master piece that has been auctioned and bought by Harry Winston who renamed it to “The Winston Pink Legacy”.


  • Gemologists or the people who study about gems categories the diamonds into 3 types.Type 1 and 2.,Type 2 being the rarest among all.
  • Pink diamonds come under the Type 2 category.These stones have very little traces of nitrogen stored in it.
  • Type 2 are considered to be exceptionally pure with extensive brilliance and transparency.
  • Generally the type 2 rare diamonds are said to be not more than 10 carats,and to find something bigger than that is quite rare.
  • It is said that only one in 100,000 diamonds posses such a deep color that is enough to be called as a “Fancy Vivid”.

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