Top video sites other than YouTube which you can count on

We all know YouTube is a great website for videos across the world, but there is no place in the world you can get everything at one place.

Here we have listed top sites other than YouTube which can be great use for you & for your general knowledge.

1.  MySpace

MySpace is a great place where you can find your favorite celebrities interviews, which may include actors, sportsmen, music stars etc. Don’t forget to checkout the videos.



Netflix is a paid media network where you can access great movies & TV shows. If you want to try you can get free one month trial. Sit back take popcorn & enjoy your favorite shows.

P.S : You should have a high speed internet to access the videos.


3. Vimeo

This is a great site which hots high definition videos in the categories of:

Arts & Design

It also host well known TV series which you can watch & the site is very user friendly.


4. Metacafe

Metacafe is a website where you can find short videos which includes almost all the video categories that you are known of & the site is very simple & easy to browse.


5. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is the second largest video site after YouTube where you can find hell lot of videos from almost all the categories be it your favorite movies, TV shows, comedy, informative, automobile and many more.

The user interface of website is similar to that of YouTube look in past, as recently it has upgraded its interface.

If you are a YouTuber you can also upload your videos on DailyMotion to reach millions of people.


Don’t forget to checkout the above sites if you are video geek & you can also find some content for your YouTube channel.


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