Valentino Launches Flip-Flops For a Massive Price of Rs 45,000!

Valentino,a known luxury brand in collaboration with a Havaianas brand launched a flip-flop for a massive price tag of Rs 45000 or $650.

Flip-flops are used all over the world and is regarded as on of the basic necessities to dire to the needs of the people.The cost of each would cost about Rs 100 or $2 to about Rs 1000 or $150 for branded ones!

Ever heard of flip-flops that could cost not only your entire salary but even your personal belongings?.Well,there’s a new offering from one of the top luxurious companies that sells flip flops at prices that would blow your mind.

A price tag this high has shocked and delighted people at the same time,as a product that isn’t given so much importance is sold across the globe.

Flip-Flops are commonly used by a large number of rural and urban population because of its low budget and cost.

The reviews that have been given for these Valentino flip flops are hilarious.People have sold there car’s and bike’s,just to buy these flip flops for daily use.

They are currently out of stock and are sold via Amazon.The product has created a huge buzz among the people as to who would buy such an expensive pair.

The website also offer EMI for those people who would dream of owning such an expensive flip-flop,but with a zero balance account.

Amazon also charges an amount of Rs 750+ to deliver them at your door step.

What are these flip-flips made off?:

The rubber sole appears to be in a army camouflage colour and design,and rubber straps that are made of fuchsia.

Amazon also sells only 3 units per customer and these luxurious flip flops are available only for men.

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