Wayanad – Places to visit | One of the best hill station & tourist attraction in India

Wayanad is a hill-station situated in kerala.its widely known for its breathtaking views and places that would calm your mind from the stressful and bustling cities in India.A must visit if u want to find peace in your life!.I would like to share some valuable information about my visit to this beautiful place.


  1. Chembra peak:

One of the most amazing views are seen from this peak.To reach to the top one must trek for about 8 km.A beautiful heart shaped lake is present on top of the peak with breathtaking views.Be sure to carry some snacks along the way.
  1. Soochipara waterfalls:

A beautiful place to visit.Get ready to take a walk on rough surfaces and huge rocks for over 1 km to reach the spot.Carry a bottle of water for safer side.
  1. Karlad lake:

A peaceful lake with a lot of activities like kayaking,boating,zip lining,all of which are under affordable rates.There are cottages overlooking the beautiful lake with amazing views of the trees and mountains.Few migratory birds are seen.
       4. Pookode lake:
Its a must visit for all people visiting Wayanad. Its similar to karlad lake but has better views and activities.Nestled amid forests and mountain slopes.If your lucky you mite find few wild animals.
  1. Banasura Sagar Dam

Its the largest earthen damn in India and 2nd in Asia.I was astonished by the wonderful views of this place.Park your car and then you have a choice of either walking or getting a ride in a tempo traveller for 1 km.Activities like speed boating is very famous!.
       6. Coffee estates:
Beautiful scenic views of coffee estates  spreading across kilometers are found in Wayanad.Ripon tea is quite famous in the region.
       7.Beautiful views:
Here are the beautiful scenic views in the city of wayanad..if ur looking for peace and an environment that can freshen up your life,then this is the place for you.

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