White tigers spotted at the Bannerghatta Safari!

White tigers are variants of the famous Bengal tigers that are found in parts of India.

Why the white fur?

  • The tigers attain the white fur because of loss of pigmentation called pheomelanin that makes them appear white.
  • They lack orange and yellow pigments.
  • The occurrence of this white tigers takes place once in 10,000 births
  • There are 100’s of white tigers that are found worldwide.
  • The population is found to be found mostly in captivity in zoo’s and exhibitions
  • Mostly populated in the Indian subcontinent.
  • They weigh at about 250 kilograms and grow to about 3 meters.

The tigers seen in the video are found in the Bannerghatta safari in the silicon valley of India called Bangalore .These tigers are said to weigh at about 220 kilograms and are the most famous attractions of the safari.

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