World most expensive and luxurious phones!

Here are few luxury brands that people haven’t heard of!.
These mobiles are either sold out or are too expensive to buy!.
Here is the list of few luxurious phones that exist today!


A British based manufacturer,was once owned by a Finnish company called Nokia!

It started production of phones in 1998 and was sold in the year 2012!.It was soon sold to a lot of other companies and is currently in possession of Baferton Ltd.

Vertu works in collaboration with Ferrari,Bentley and couple of luxury brands!

The phones are unique in design with diamond and gold studded camera’s,with a bold leather touch!.

Cost- Starts from $10,000 or less! And goes upto $360,000!.

2)Sirin Solarin

This aesthetically designed luxury smart phone was designed by a renowned company named Sirin Labs!.

The phone boasts of high levels of security,and high end performance and is considered to have the world’s first commercial smartphone with WiGig.

It’s comes with a 5.5″ IPS display that runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor and a Gorilla glass 4!.

It also boasts of 4Gb of Ram and runs on 4G LTE network as well.Its rear camera has 23.8 Mp and a front camera of 8MP and a storage capacity of 128 Gb.

Cost- Starts from $13000 to $1700

3)Tonino Lamborghini

Just like it’s car’s,Lamborghini started it’s own mobile brand called “Tonino Lamborghini”

It’s a fusion of Italian style and technology with a unique design which is recognized all around the globe for it’s luxury and lucaritive innovations!

Cost:The Alpha range of phones starts at $6000!

4)Tag Heuer Racer

It’s one of a kind of smartphone with leading edge design and handcrafted craftsmanship!It’s also considered is the world’s first Swiss mobile to be designed with materials from motor racing and aviation!

It’s powered by Android,and has a style quotient picked up from high end cars around the world with materials like titanium grade 2,stainless steel,rubber,carbon fiber design!.


5)Goldvish”Le million” Piece Unique

A Swedish made luxury smartphone is unique in it’s design compared to any other in the market!.

The design was handicrafted basically for women as it is made of 18-carat white gold with 120 carat mounted diamonds!

Only 100 such mobiles have been made!

Cost: $1.3 million

6)VX Royal Hearts on Fire phone

This beautiful and magnificent mobile although not a smartphone boasts of 1.9 inch screen and studded with 24 carat gold!

The gold is present in almost all the corners of the mobile giving it a luxurious design and presence!.

Cost:It starts at $1,800 to $12,000

7)VIPN black diamond

A Singapore based design,this mobile has a 2.1 inch touch sensitive display with a 2GB Sd card and runs on Windows mobile 5

It’s studded with a Black diamond which was provided by a Switzerland based company called Diamanthaus!

Only 2 diamonds are placed on the phone,one behind and one on the joystick!.The phones have been limited to only 5 such examples!


8)Blackberry’s Porshe Design P’9981 limited edition

The blackeberry Porshe Design is one of a kind with it’s gold coloured titanium coating and stainless steel design!

It also boasts of a 24 carat gold lining the case!It’s design is inspired by Porshe,which is a brand that makes one of the best sports cars!

Only 25 such phones have ever been made!.

Cost: $24000

9)Gresso Regal

Another luxurious addition to the Regal series,this smartphone is made of golden PVD- coated titanium.

The smartphone runs on 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor with a 5 inch,1080p display and a Gorilla glass

The camera boasts of 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera with a LED flash.It also has 32GB of storage space and runs on a 2GB RAM.

Cost: Starts at $6000


This Canadian based company,manufactures smartphones that are unique in it’s own way!.

They manufacture innovative,yet elegant products that involves use of latest technological advancements and creates a sense of luxury among it’s customers!

They have different varieties of products like the Mobiado professional,Luminoso,Professional 105 GMT,Grand 350 PRL,Grand 350 Pioneer,Grand touch executive and more.

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