World’s famous comedians!

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Today, we are gonna show you some of the works of the most famous comedians that exist or existed!

1)Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany is an American actress and a famous comedian that rose to fame because of her funny jokes and memes.She has millions of followers across the world,and has held a number of jobs before she was famous,including customer services for Alaska airlines.

Born in Los Angeles California,she is know for her famous stand up comedy shows in “Tiffany Haddish:She ready!”.She has worked in a number of Hollywood movies such as “Meet the Spartans” and a comedy movie called “Keanu”.

2)Russel Peters

Russel Peters is a very famous Canadian stand up comedian.Born and bought up in Canada,he has premiered in a lot of comedy shows.His first stand up show was in Toronto,from which he rose to fame
become one of the known figures on You tube.

He has premiered in a number of comedy shows such as “Comedy Now!”,”Air Canada Center” and many more.

He is also known to be the first comedian to take debut in Netflix.Having sold close to 15000 tickets in a number of shows that he’s hosted in London’s O2 Arena and Air Canada Center,made him one of the famous comedians to have sold so many tickets!..Do watch his videos!

3)Jimmy Kimmel

One of the most notable personalities in the world,he rose to fame after his debut as radio jockey by hosting a show on UNLV’s college station.

He aired in a comedy show along with another comedian Mr.Ben Stein on a game show called “Win Ben Stein’s Money”,which earned him a Primetime Emmy award.

He is also the producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”,which aires on ABC.He has aired with a number of Hollywood actors on the show like Snoop dog,Will Smith,Dwayne Johnson,Priyanka Chopra,Gordon Ramsay and many more!.

He’s extremely famous on You Tube and has over a million followers.Do check out his videos.

4)James Corden


A very known personality,James is an English actor,comedian and television host.Known for his amazing comedy shows involving games with famous Hollywood personalities,he has a lot of followers who love his work.

He hosts a famous show called “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.He is an expert in Observational,musical and physical comedy.

He rose to fame from a show that he aired called “Fat Friends”,which earned him a nomination for the “Royal Television Society” award.

5)Kenny Sebastian

A very well known personality in India.Kenny has hosted in a number of cities in India like Bangalore,Chennai,Mumbai,US,Abu Dhabi,Dubai and others.

He has well over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the most famous comedian in India.Kenny loves comedy and singing,but his passion of becoming a filmmaker began since he was 15!.He has produced over 14 short and featured films!

If u really love his comedy shows,then do pay him a visit,since he plans his shows very often in different cities!.

6)Abhishek Upmanyu

A very talented comedian and perhaps the only comedian to gain fame in a short amount of time!.

He’s probably the best comedian out there with a YouTube subscriber base of over 1 million!.The way he delivers his jokes is hillarious!..He hurls one cracker of a joke after another, thanks to his Shatabdi-fast delivery, unparalleled observational powers and skilled hands.

He has performed in a number of cities like Bangalore,Delhi,Mumbai, and US.

A chemical engineer by profession!.He decided to quite his job and pursue a career in comedy.

7)Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is a writer,presenter and a comedian!.He started his career as a comedian in 2012 and he rose to fame after winning in a show called “Comedy Central”.

Zakir has appeared in a number of shows like “The great Indian laughter challenge”,”Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamre”(An Amazon prime web series) and even co-hosted in “Air with AIB”

He has a YouTube subscriber base of over 2.5 million subscribers!Do watch his videos!.

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