World’s Tallest Statue that was unveiled in India is an architectural marvel!


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a noted philanthropist and a senior political figure of the Indian National Congress,who fought vigorously for India’s independence and freedom struggle.

After a gap of about 68 years since his death,A statue made from iron of the famous freedom struggle was unveiled in India.

The Statue of Unity:

The statue called as The Statue of Unity stands tall at about 180 meters or about 600 ft giving it the title of the Worlds tallest statue.It’s considered to be twice as tall the Statue of Liberty.

The entire expenditure spent to build this structure was a massive $460 million or around Rs 3000 crore.The project had come across a lot of controversy over the utilization of public funds into such a massive project.

The statue is also considered to be about 200 meters taller than than the previous tallest structure in China called The Spring Temple,which stands currently at about 420 ft.

This massive structure is located in Gujarat,and according to estimates it is said that in a couple of months,it would attract millions of customers across the globe making it one of the most famous tourist spot in India.

This massive statue is said to be located near the Sardar Sarovar Dam along the lines of Narmada river.Although considered to be the worlds tallest statue,the statue would not hold the title for long.

The Maharashtra government are underway for the construction of a statue of King Shivaji on a horseback near Mumbai and is set to break the record of The Statue of Unity in the coming years.The expected height of the Statue is said to be about 190 metres or 8 meters taller than the current world record.

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